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 Sewer & Drain Cleaning

Craig's Plumbing provides prompt and professional sewer and drain repair to homes and businesses in the Greater Los Angeles area. As your state licensed plumbing contractor, we have what it takes to meet your sewer and drain cleaning needs. We have a wide range of cleaning equipment and video cameras for inspections. If your clay sewer is worn out, let Craig’s Plumbing check it out for you.

Drain and Sewer Repairs
  • Drain and Sewer Cleaning
  • Drain and Sewer Inspections
  • Video Line Inspections
  • Sewer Video Camera Inspection $200.00
  • With Video Camera Locating $275.00
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What Kind of Sewer Repair Do You Need? 

Sewer line repair
might be required in case of collapsed, offset, cracked or broken pipes. These may be due to the foundation settling or the pipes freezing in the winter. Other common reasons for this type of repairs are:

• Blockage from foreign objects or grease buildup that prohibits or restricts proper flow within the sewer-line    
• Corrosion due to wear and tear, which can cause portions of the sewer line to collapse 
• Bellied pipes  or sunken portions of the sewer line where solid objects like paper can accumulate
• Leaking joints from broken seals between the pipes, causing sewage to escape 
• Roots from shrubs or trees growing into the sewer line
• Off-grade pipes, usually a result of corroded substandard material

Experienced Plumbers in LA are trained to address these problems. Solutions available typically include repair of sewers and replacement of sewer line. 

Types of Sewer Line Repair
Repair methods vary, depending on the type of damage and the overall condition of the sewer line. The most common methods used include the traditional method, trenchless repair, pipe bursting and pipe relining process. 

Traditional Sewer Repair
In traditional repair, plumbers access the problematic portion by digging a trench or an open cut in the area around the damaged sewer line. Repair may require a backhoe to dig out soil from the sewer line and in refilling the hole with soil. 

Trenchless Sewer Repair
There are alternatives to this traditional excavation to repair sewer lines. Yards, parking lots, driveways, etc., do not have to be ruined. There is the trenchless method for sewer line repair. This method has less negative impact on the environment compared to creating a trench to repair a sewer line. 

Pipe Bursting Sewer Repair
Pipe bursting is another alternative solution used in repairing sewer lines. In this method, access holes are created at the start and end of the damaged sewer area. The plumbers will then use the broken sewer line as a guide for simultaneously pulling a full-sized pipe replacement and breaking up the damaged pipe. A hydraulic machine will be used for this purpose. The new pipe installed is highly resistant to root intrusion and leaks. It also has a longer life expectancy.

Pipe Relining Sewer Repair
Pipe relining is another type of sewer line repair. It is a method that uses the “pipe-within-a-pipe” type of sewer line replacement to restore proper flow. A smooth inner wall is created inside an existing, damaged sewer pipe. The new pipe is casted using epoxy relining materials. These materials are certified non-hazardous. 

This pipe relining method uses the clean-out access of the building, and the great thing about this is that there is usually no digging required. This is the choice for repairs in sewer pipes under concrete, in storm lines and in roof drainpipes. 

This sewer line repair method is often the choice for fixing pipes damaged by invasive roots, filling in missing pipes and sealing underground joint connections. Holes and cracks are also sealed using this method. 

The inner pipe looks like the interior lining of food cans. The relined pipe is durable and seamless, making it less prone to leaks and damages usually seen around joints. 
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